Wet & Dry Laundry Trolley

Wet & Dry Laundry Trolley

This 380-litre laundry trolley has been purpose made to handle bulky items and large amounts of linen.

The body is formed from a seamless polyethylene mold and the frame manufactured from a robust mild steel, while four heavy-duty polyurethane castors make the trolley very easy to push or pull.

Whether used for the collection of bulk soiled linens, restocking of housekeeping carts, or as poolside towel receptacles, they are versatile, easy to clean and promote sanitary operation.

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SKU: ADE001.

Product Description

Laundry trolleys are a useful tool in handling linen and other products throughout laundries, dry cleaners, and many other industries. Our laundry trolleys are extremely versatile and can be used in many different material handling applications, wet or dry.

Linen is fast and easy to access, while at the same time reducing manual handling, risk of linen damage and personal injury.

Featuring robust and maintenance-free construction, your investment will quickly pay for itself over the life of the trolley.

In addition, a tapered design makes these laundry trolleys nestable and easy to transport or store when not in use.

Additional Information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions98 x 66.5 x 70.5 cm


Net Weight



4 x 125mm


980mm (l) x 665mm (w) x 705mm (h)


The LT-380 Laundry Trolley is sold with a 1-year carry-in warranty, valid from date of purchase. This warranty covers all parts due to defects. The warranty does not cover the cost of labour to fit replacement parts, the cost of freight to and from the service centre, and normal wear and tear items, such as the wheel rubber, bearings or brake. The trolley must be used in accordance with the instructions, as damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.


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